Wedding Photographers in Derbyshire

Where do we start with Niamh and Alex’s Derbyshire wedding! Their late summer wedding took place in a picturesque village at the lower end of the Derbyshire Pennines. Let’s be honest, wedding photographers in Derbyshire are pretty spoilt for choice, this part of the country has breathtaking landscapes whichever way we turn, so from the moment Niamh and Alex chose us as their wedding photographers we were counting down the days.

Niamh and Alex had an intimate church wedding which took place just a few steps away from Alex’s family home…so close that it felt like their own private chapel. A violinist filled their church with relaxed vibes and we must mention Frank, their gorgeous dog, who stole the limelight as ring-bearer. Frank makes regular appearances throughout the day!

The location and late summer light was something Niamh and Alex wanted to make the most of so we had two short photoshoots, one just after their ceremony and then again at sunset taking a stroll across the hilltops as the light faded away over Derbyshire. These guys had an amazing connection with each other, an intimacy and peacefulness that was really quite special to capture.

‘Outdoor English garden party’ best sums up the overall feel of the day but the emphasis was very much on ‘party’!! The party atmosphere carried through the whole day, in no small part due to Liam & Matt of The Ashmore Brothers who blew everyone away with their constant upping of the atmosphere and adapting to the crowd. By the time we left, which was pretty late, the party was seriously going off. It felt like we were sneaking out of a club rather than a wedding!

We loved every minute of Niamh and Alex’s day and kind of wish we could do it all over again. So if you’re looking for wedding photographers in Derbyshire to capture your story then please get in touch, we’d love to hear your plans.

Enjoy their day…



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